Invest in art from the most famous artists in the world.

The art fund invests in high quality blue- and red-chip art from a variety of artists around the world — with clear set of criteria for picking the artworks and artists we invest in.


  1. The artist has a strong expression, and is aesthetical. The artist's work is aesthetically strong and expressive.

  2. The artist has international recognition, exhibited in at least 3 countries.

  3. Represented by a reputable gallery.

  4. Comparable art has appreciated by 15% or more in value.

The thesis

As wealth concentrates among the affluent, tangible luxury assets like art become even more lucrative. Art by iconic artists like Monet, Basquiat, and Picasso are rare, adding a built-in value that stands the test of time.

With our proprietary quantitative model for investing in art, we can predict the future price appreciation of art based on comparative artworks. The model is based on historic appreciation as well as seemingly subjective characteristics of the specific artworks (made objective by AI ).

By investing in our art fund, you're not just buying into art; you're securing a share in a well-researched, diversified portfolio of timeless works. It's not just about financial growth—it's about becoming part of a legacy of value, in a market that's traditionally less volatile than stocks and bonds.

The art

All colored cast, part II by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Untitled by Nicolas Party